Tricks and tips to master Fortnite Gameplay

Fortnite is a computer video game created by Epic Games, with only one motive – to survive till the end. It has turned out to be a massive success across the world in the battleground style gameplay where a hundred players participate to survive until the last man is left standing.

 All the players initially jump from the same Battle Bus carrying them on a straight line across the map. Players have to parachute themselves from this flying bus and land on the ground safely. Keep in mind most of the players land alongside the route of the Battle Bus, so you may land a little bit further from it to gather resources and find weapons.

Are you looking for some easy tricks to survive in this hard-core challenging game against pro players and live steamers? Now, your search has come to an end, what you need to understand is the uncertainty of this game that you may have zero skills and still be the last one standing.

You don’t have to kill anyone except the last opponent, but instead, you should try to survive in the game till the last opponent standing. By given bellow tricks and tips you can understand the fundamentals of Fortnite, which would guide you in your next gameplay.

Where to land 

The entire game flow depends on your landing location if you are feeling confident and want to indulge in the instant action, head for the places with names alongside the route of the Battle Bus. But if you don’t want any close combat in the game and instead want to gather resources, you may land farther away from the Battle Bus route.

While landing head for the top of the buildings and axe down the roof which will provide you with resources which you can use to create defensive structures, and you may also find hidden chests with epic loot. If while landing you spot an enemy also dropping for the same spot you may try to kill him with your axe which would take ten hits to kill him. But if you are a beginner try running towards the nearest weapon, which would give you a complete edge over your opponent. If nothing is available, run away from him and try to search houses nearby for loot.

How to get good loot

In Fortnite, the most crucial task is to find decent loot, as better loot provides an additional edge while facing an opponent.  What you need to do is hunt for chests as they have the best loot to grab on with variants of shotgun ranging till snipers.  Mostly these chests are hidden in the houses so try and explore as many houses you can. These chests appear at the same location every time but not all at one place instead they are scattered across the map so try to scan locations where you previously found one.

 You can get additional shields and bandages to increase your health which can help you in surviving longer. You should know that there are five rarities for each weapon in the game, ranging from grey (most common), green, blue, purple and orange(least common). By seeing the color, you can determine the rarity of a weapon as least rare items deal utmost damage as compared to less rare items.

Understanding the circle and storm

The storm is the deadly daemon hunting for your life, and you have to always remember to stay in it as if you are outside the storm, it will start to deplete your health slowly. Although you will not die instantly as the storm outruns you the amount of health draining will begin to rise. So try to push into the zone before the next zone appears. Ultimately storm will create the smallest circle possible to increase the chances of encountering other players.

There are no such vehicles in the game except the shopping cart, but if you keep track of each next circle, you can easily stay in the safe zone. Although if you are already in the circle, try to make sure of the next circle as it is very uncertain to predict the exact positioning of every new circle.

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