How to solve Error Code E50 in Brother Printer

Has your Brother Printer stopped working and started showing an error message – E50? If yes, then you may feel relief knowing that you can resolve this error by going through the simple procedure as mentioned further in this post.

Error Code E50

Like many other laser printers, the Brother Printer contains many statuses light which indicates the various glitches in the printer. Similarly, Error E50 tells you about the failure of the fuser unit. It is displayed as “Replace fuser unit” or “Failure of fuser unit” on your Brother printer. In this case, it won’t be in working condition, and you will have to replace it.

Here’s how you can fix Error Code E50 in Brother Printer

To solve Error Code E50 in your Brother Printer, follow these guidelines:

  1. Fuser unit can neither be repaired nor rebuild. You also won’t be able to use another manufacturer’s product for replacing the fuser.
  2. So you need to confirm first that the fuser unit you are going to replace is compatible with your printer’s model.
  3. The Fuser unit is generally found at the back of your device being held by two release lever. You need to turn off your printer and let the device cool. Avoid touching it. It might get too hot.
  4. After that, you have to pull both of the levers downward and then release the component, before you do this; you have to make sure that the element is cool.
  5. Now, simply pull out the component to release the fuser. Here, you can perform the same steps for replacing the new fuser.
  6. As soon as you’re done with it, your Device will automatically detect the new fuser unit and blink the light that indicates “Ready.”

Now, your device is now ready to accept the task, and you are good to go!

We hope this solution may help you fix the error; let us know in the comment box. All the best!

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